TrueColor is a popular app for smartphone users.

A large number of smartphone users are already using this popular app to find out who has already called, especially from unknown numbers. Even if no number is stored on the mobile, the user can easily find out who made the call through this app and his identity which can be seen many times with pictures. In addition to blocking annoying calls and SMS blocking, the number of users of TrueCaller is constantly increasing. However, recently users have been accused of reading important SMS against Truecaller.

Truecaller has also been accused of stealing information from users who exchanged SMS for loans. As a result, the lenders can communicate with the user without the user’s knowledge. Such allegations arose after learning of a technical problem with the Truecaller app recently. A software developer named ‘Nemo’ has lodged a complaint against the caller ID app based in Sweden. According to the complaint, TruClear is using third-party software development kits (SDKs) to transfer SMS information on users’ phones to the lending institution.

Especially, in this case, Truecaller is collecting 357 words or information related to it. One of them is salary, credit, debit, bonus, check, premium, insurance, Uber, Airbnb, etc. Third parties are more interested in such information. Truecaller also keeps track of the types of EMI-related SMSes that lenders regularly send to users. Explaining the whole matter, Nemo said that Truecaller’s Frequently Answered Cognitions (FAKS) states that a user can analyze the financial information of that user using the Banking tab in Truecaller. However, it is subject to the permission of the user. Now all the users of TrueCaller are collecting such information instead of that.

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Truecaller is reading user’s SMS

“We’ve given users the opportunity to apply for a loan, so we can help them analyze everything from getting a loan from the Banking tab,” said TruClear. However, it is subject to the user’s full consent and subject to the customer’s consent after sending an SMS message.

Apart from this, it is said that there is no issue of theft of customer’s information, all other works are done according to our policy. However, Truecaller has mentioned several issues in his policy. So that it is written that Truecaller collects the metadata of all the calls and SMS made to the users and from the user’s phone. According to data security experts, since these apps can be used for free, these apps store various personal information of the customers which is later sold to various organizations without the knowledge of the user. In this case, only the customer can protect his own information if he wants.