bangla hunt news desk Everybody wants to be rich. Everyone wants to be the owner of immense wealth. But for this, along with hard work, a fertile mind is also needed. However, many people also use different strategies to reach that stage. Many people take the advice of tantriks to reach that height. Even after this, big luck is not in everyone’s luck.

Nowadays many people believe that there are some trees which, when brought into the house, gradually increase the wealth of the house. Yes, according to ecology, there are indeed some trees that, when planted indoors, do not take time to change the fortunes of people and bring in a lot of wealth. One such tree is the peacock tree, which is also called Vidya Mata or Goda Zhou tree in Bengali.

Regarding the peacock tree, people believe that if this tree is always planted in pairs, then the wealth of the homeowner increases. Rumor has it that Mukesh Ambani, one of Asia’s richest men, has this peacock tree in his house and they have planted it in pairs. Many believe that this is the real secret of his immense fortune.

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It is said that as soon as a tree is planted in the house, then the wealth does not start growing slowly, as well as this tree also works to maintain the property coming in the house. Poverty can never come in the house where there is this tree. For this reason, the peacock tree is considered a very lucky plant.