Thai researchers claim to have discovered an extract from the mangrove tree that prevents hair loss and baldness. It basically prevents hair loss by blocking the hormones responsible for baldness.

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A small study of 50 patients with androgenetic alopecia claimed the most common form of baldness. Studies have shown that this extract prevents hair fall and also helps in hair growth.

The main chemical of that ingredient, called Avicennia Marine, is Aviceno-C.
These active compounds are thought to interfere with enzymes that play a role in increasing hormone levels and preventing baldness.

Researchers hope that the results of this study will be effective in preventing hair loss in people with androgenetic alopecia.

Scientists at Chulankorn University in Thailand have been studying Aviskinon-C for many years. He has also recently received an award from the National Research Council of Thailand.

The extract was tested on 50 men and women with androgenetic alopecia who use the substance on their scalps daily.

Thai researchers regularly took pictures of the progress of 50 participants. This has led to its universally visible improvement.

Professor Vanchai Dekanamkul, Department of Pharmacognosis and Pharmaceutical Botany, says that the extract acts to prevent hair loss as well as hair growth.

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Source: Daily Mail

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