Question: It’s been a few years since we got married. I got married after falling in love for a long time. everything was OK. we love each other very much. Be together, eat, enjoy. There was no shortage of physical intimacy either. But now the whole matter has changed. At this point, everything is shattered.

Actually, the chemistry between us seems to be decreasing gradually. At first I ignored it for a while. But now it has become even more clear. This is what bothers me the most. Actually, now our physical intimacy is gradually decreasing a lot.

Now my husband does not want to sleep with me. He sleeps in a separate room even when I ask. That’s why my heart is so pure. I don’t understand where am I wrong, what is wrong. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand how long this will last.

On the other hand there is another problem. Actually he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. If you have something to say, it turns the conversation around. It means he is getting bored. I cannot keep my head straight in this position. What to do if someone gives me (Relationship Tips) advice! I want to get rid of this problem. (symbol image)

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Expert Answers

Eminent relationship expert Ashmeen Munjal said in this context, I understand that you are a victim. But the thing to understand here is that the husband no longer wants to be in a romantic relationship with you. Now you need to understand what you want from the relationship. It is very difficult to maintain married life without physical relation, intimacy, pleasure. This should be kept in mind.

Now you have to remember that old picture. In such a situation, if you want to maintain the relationship, then you have to keep in mind your honeymoon, travel and the first moments spent together. Only then the problem can be solved. Now take some pictures of that time. Print those pictures big and hang them in the room. Place this picture in a place where your husband can see it. Try this way.

live like the first day

Don’t create unnecessary problems. Rather, live the old days. In such a situation, wake up in the morning and say something nice to your husband. Talking about love will make you feel good, even your partner’s feelings will return. So don’t forget this.

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speak your mind, you can also write it

You have to speak your mind. You can tell him that I enjoy being with people like you. I’m really fine. We had a great time. Romance was also simple. You have to say it or write it.

talk to yourself