banglahunt desk Ecology is one of our ancient scriptures. Just as astrology is called the eye of the Vedas, ecology is a form of energy management. Nature is always ready to give us energy. Prakriti means water, air, grains etc. And so if you also want to get positive energy, then you should follow Bastashastra.

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What is positive energy?

First of all you need to know what is positive energy? We call the day positive and the night negative energy. Just as perfume is said to be positive, deodorant is said to have negative energy. Let us now know why this day and fragrance is called positive energy? In fact the day is called positive energy because the sun is not only our light but also the source of our life. Without the sun this would not have happened and hence we worship the sun as a deity. Meanwhile, we tend to call fragrance positive energy. Because we cannot see the fragrance. But can feel through the air. However, this wind is accelerated by the Earth’s magnetism.

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What is ecology?

Where will the grace of the gods be found in the house? Know what the ecology is saying

Ecology is really about our ten directions namely North, South, East, West, North-East, South-East, North-West, South-West, Sky and Underworld. There is ecology in the scriptures. Whatever the direction of your house, house, kitchen, bedroom, toilet etc., maximum positive energy works in your house, and this is what Bastrashastra specifies. In other words, ecology is our ancient civil and architectural engineering. And if you can create maximum positive energy in your home, then both your health and mind will be fresh and alive. Because we know that ‘health is wealth’.

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And so my slogan is ‘Health, happiness and prosperity cannot be chosen by chance, so take care of your body and hone your mind.
Hariom Hariom.

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