Banglahunt Desk: Many of us assess Vastu Shastra while building a house. But once a home is built we forget many of the things that ecology has to offer. There are many people who like to take care of the garden. Sometimes due to lack of space, plant a tree in the tub of the house.

But do you know that there are some trees or plants which should never be planted in the house. Then there is a catastrophe in the world. Let us know which trees should not be planted in the house.


cool tree Ecology believes that Goddess Lakshmi’s bus goes upstairs when there is a cold tree in the house. So if you do not want to bring bad energy into the house, then you should never plant a cold tree.

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Palm tree Poverty never goes away from the house where there are dates. Along with financial constraints, physical diseases also remain. So according to Bastu, it is better not to plant dates in the house.

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tamarind tree Due to the sour taste of tamarind, planting this tree in the house makes it difficult to increase income. Members also have physical problems. Therefore it is better not to plant this tree in the house.

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bamboo tree Although bamboo trees are very useful, but if you plant them in the house, then the problem will not leave you behind.


bonsai tree This tree disturbs the happiness and peace of the house and causes unrest in the family members. Therefore it is better not to plant this tree in the house.