What is funnel marketing? Why do funnel marketing?

What is a sales funnel?

Funnel is an English word. What we mean by this word is that when we pour oil into a bottle we use a pot by which the oil is stored in the bottle in a very nice way and there is no possibility of it going later.

The funnel for marketing is just like that. For example, you delivered an ad to 1 million people, but out of these 1 million people, only 5,000 were sold. Then the rest of those who were interested but could not make a decision in one show – how can they be helped to make a decision again.

And this process is called funnel. That is, the process of converting a cold customer into a hot customer is called a sales funnel.

Why do sales funnel Marketing?

Suppose you boosted a post with 05. There were about 5,000 engagements in that post. I caught 5% or 250 of them came to your inbox. A maximum of 50 of them will buy your product or service. The remaining 4650 people are interested in taking your service or product but you could not sell. You can sell to those who are the Hot Customer of your service or product. Then the remaining 4850 people but your cold customer. They may not have made a decision at the time of the show or they may not have had the money or they did not need it then but, they were interested in taking your service or product. Maybe later they didn’t find your post. You lost 4,850 customers just because you didn’t re-market. If you run ads by creating sales funnels, you could easily re-target them. By re-targeting and showing your ad over and over again, you could easily turn them into hot customers and confirm the sale.

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Just think, how much did you lose ..?

Why is a sales funnel important?

1) If you did a funnel, you could retarget the data that you got with the data that you did not purchase instantly.

2) If you funnel, you can keep customers in follow-up.

3) Product / service can be sold to almost all customers gradually.

4) Helps you understand what kind of information customers expect from you when they make a purchase.

5) Boost without data (Information) can never be successful.

6) If you have 5,000 potential customers, you can give updates by massaging if you want, then why waste dollars by boosting.

Why do you do marketing without boosting?

Boosting is delivering a specific post on a page to people for a specific period of time. By doing this, even if you get some instant sales and some page likes, it will not be of any use to you later.

Suppose you want to give a necklace cell. Boost your necklace post for that. Many people liked the necklace you posted. You have a good cell. But there are many who liked your necklace but could not buy it. Maybe they didn’t have the money then or didn’t have the time to buy or couldn’t decide to buy. Boost but you can no longer re-target them. As a result, you lost many of your customers. You can only sell to those who are the Hot Customer of this product.

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But, if you launched your campaigns in the right way, you could multiply your sales by re-targeting them (Cold Customer) and turning Cold Customer into Hot Customer.

Different stages of sales funnel

Sales funnel stages are used to convert a stranger into a customer. E.g. Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action.


A new customer doesn’t know anything about your brand or business so your first task is to let them know about your brand.

At this stage the customer encounters a specific problem and continues to find its solution. Right now a brand appears in front of him with a possible solution to that problem.

Therefore, highlight the pain points of the customers and present your product or service to solve them.


At this stage, customers want to know detailed information about the product or service. The product and service provide ideas on how to solve customer problems. Customers are interested in a brand’s product or service.

Therefore, at this stage, provide customers with all the detailed content / information about your product or service that will make them interested in that product or service.


At this stage the customer is ready to buy the product and service and puts more than one brand in his consideration. Decides to buy products or services from the various brands on the list.

Therefore, he needs to be influenced in such a way that he thinks that you are the best of the others.

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You can offer customers free sample products or demos for service.

The type of content / information that customers need to provide at this stage,

Product Description
Pricing pages
Product comparisons
Customer reviews and product recommendations
Demo Services or Product Samples


At this stage the customer completes the purchase of the preferred product or service from a particular band. You need to provide the best experience so that a customer can order your product or service in a hassle-free manner.

Therefore, the order process needs to be shortened to expedite the customer’s shopping time and various attractive offers, discounts or coupons can be given if required.

In what cases should marketing be done without a sales funnel?

  • When marketing for the branding of an organization or business.
  • Customers do not easily decide to buy products or services.
  • If it is expensive for the customer.
  • Which is not very important for the customer, the product or service that will be bought later.
  • If there is a negative idea about the product or service in the market.
  • If there is too much competition for the product or service. In cases where it is possible to succeed in marketing without a sales funnel,
  • Which are our daily necessities or services. Such as cigarettes, rice-pulses, pen-notebook, etc. which we use daily and the price is also low.
  • Very demanding product or service. For example, when the FIFA WORLD CUP runs, the demand for tickets is much higher.

Therefore, “there is no substitute for proper marketing in e-commerce business.”

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