Not everyone’s body shape is the same. The most important thing is to choose underwear according to the body shape. Especially in the case of underwear, it is the first and last word. The path to the beginning of teenage life is not very smooth for everyone. Pimples, exams as well as a thousand problems throughout life some of the problems can be shared and some not. However, problems related to underwear remain locked in the mind most of the time. The first problem that jumps when you open that safe is what bra should we wear from the beginning of adolescence?

The answer is supportive bra. This bra has thicker straps and cup size than it does and gives full coverage of the whole breast. So not only in the beginning but also in the bra wardrobe for the whole life. This bra is ideal for everyday use. Dance or any physical activity that is difficult to fully support you, this special underwear. In case of bra, if the right cup size is not right, there is great danger! And the first name on the list of dangers is ‘sagging breasts’ or the problem of sagging breasts. When you see that even after sitting down, there is no change in the position of the bra, then you have to understand that the fit is right. And if that is the great danger! The only way to avoid this is to choose the right cup size.

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Cup-to-cup fit:

When we go to buy footwear, we always check if its fit and size match my feet. Is that so? Only then can it take place in our wardrobe. The same rule applies in the case of Antbars. Cup size is very important, especially in the case of bras. You can take the advice of an expert to understand your cup size. The cup size of the breast is divided into A, B, C, D sizes. Breast cups range in size from 16.6 to 19.1 cm ‘A’. Similarly, 20.3 to 21.6 cm is thrown under the ‘B’ cup. 22.9 to 24.1 centimeters is called cup size ‘C’. The ‘D’ cup is 25.4 to 26.6 cm. However, DD cup can be tried if the cup size above it is required. But one thing to keep in mind is that depending on the brand, your cup size may be a little different. This means that if the ‘B’ size of one brand fits you, then shifting to another brand will not surprise you if the ‘C’ size fits you more.

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Fit hi to hit hi!

When it comes to choosing the right cup size, there is another urgent need. If the fit of the bra is not right but it should be worn very casually. However, if you combine a few issues, there is no more pressure. What will match? Here is his checklist.

The underband is comfortable on the back. And the place of the hook should be in the middle of the back. Then you have to raise your hand to see if there is any change in the position of the bra. If so, the fit is not right. The band is bigger than you need.

If the underwear has the use of underwear, then it should be seen whether it is sitting comfortably on the skin. If there is any kind of sting, it is very dangerous.

Straps are a very important part of underwear. It supports about 20 percent of breasts. So experts recommend wearing wide straps most of the time. As well as the type of elastic should be good and it should not leave any impression on the skin.

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The middle seam in the bra should sit right in the middle of the chest. And the straps must be parallel. If it is not. Then the size is too small for you.

Lastly, let’s see if the breasts are spilling over the coverage on the cup of the bra. If not here’s a new product just for you!

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