Lifestyle Desk: The problem of premature hair fall is now at home. Hair fall at an early age can be due to many reasons, including eating habits, lack of physical activity, presence of various chemicals in food, not eating enough vitamin and mineral rich food, anxiety, hormonal imbalance. And hair fall at such a young age is very embarrassing. However, many people use hair curlers as a temporary solution. Although the hair is not completely black. Also, if the kalpar material is of low quality, it can damage the scalp. May cause allergies. However, it is possible to do prenatal hair treatment at home in a natural way with various ingredients.
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Let us know some ways to prevent hair fall-

Onion Ka Bata: Onion is available as a spice in almost all the kitchens of Bangladesh. And onion paste is a very effective weapon to stop hair fall. Massage the onion paste on the scalp and hair daily for a while and apply onion paste on the hair and wash it after 30 minutes, the hair will turn black in a few days. Not only this, hair fall will stop and new hair will start growing.
Amalaki and Lemon Juice Mix: The nutritional value of amalaki and lemon is immense. These two fruits do not provide essential vitamins for body fat loss, heart disease etc as well as skin infections and internal problems of the scalp. So to prevent premature aging of hair, buy amalaki powder from the market and mix lemon juice in it and massage it on the head for 1 hour daily, then wash it with shampoo. You will feel the result yourself.

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Coconut oil and lemon juice: There is no pairing of coconut oil in hair care. And the quality of lemon has already been mentioned. To get rid of mature hair, mix 4 teaspoons of coconut oil with 2.5 teaspoons of lemon juice daily and apply this mixture on the scalp and scalp. Mature hair will turn black in two weeks. Also your scalp will be healthy, there will be dandruff and hair will be shiny.

Carrot Juice: Carrot is a nutritious vegetable ingredient. Carrots alone have the ability to replenish most of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Carrots can also play a very effective role in hair care. Therefore, buy a carrot from the market and grind it in a mixer with water and sugar. Drink carrot juice regularly. If you drink at least one glass of carrot juice daily, you will start getting the treatment for your mature hair. This carrot juice will not only help in keeping the hair but your body healthy and the skin will also become shiny and beautiful.

If the above methods are followed regularly, premature hair loss can be prevented at home. Generally, due to malnutrition, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, hair loss starts at an early age. So to avoid this problem, eat lots of vegetables, try to get enough sleep and definitely do not forget to drink plenty of water. Remember that enough pure water can keep many diseases away from your body

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