Lifestyle Desk: As people age, people start feeling handicapped. Age 30 seems like a big deal today. According to the advertising campaign, 30 means old age. But no matter what the world says, when you know yourself, respect your age, but in a different way.

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There are many things you can do to keep yourself young, energetic or attractive, but mostly to maintain the mood of others, to gain the admiration of others. Do something for yourself, something that will keep your beauty in the afterlife, inside and out.

But let us know which habits should be mastered before the age of 30-

wake up in the morning: Morning is very important. You have to get up in the morning to finish the day’s work. We have to do many things in our daily life. Apart from our job or business, we also give time to our family, we also need time to ourselves. So practice your work from the first hour of the day.

Choose your preferred career: Many of us do not have the opportunity to pick up the job of choice based on demand at the beginning of our career. But before age 30, engage yourself in an activity that involves your own peace of mind.

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with: People cannot be alone. Along with family, loved ones, our friendship is also very important. We make friends with many in school, college, university life. Over time many get lost again. But now is the time to build friendships that are really valuable. Those who agree with your views will also have 100% selfless love.

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give up bad habits We have many bad habits like not eating food on time, being lazy, not sleeping properly. But it is very important to give up these habits to stay healthy in later life.

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Have breakfast in the morning: Breakfast is a very important meal – it can make or break your day. This one habit can tackle your various physical ailments, keep you fit. Nutritious breakfast in the morning to remove tiredness and fatigue.

Recognize your fear: Fear makes it difficult for us to move forward. If we know and understand our weaknesses then we can overcome many of our problems. Many of us are afraid to speak in front of anything! Many people would know, but stick to word of mouth. Countless fears that lead to a lack of confidence that we must overcome. So recognize the fear.

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Learn to Say ‘No’: Not being able to say ‘no’, swallowing the deck upon request can make life miserable. But there is no time to act according to the needs of others. After 30, we have a lot of work to do. So learn to say ‘no’ directly, somewhere or cleverly.

Understand what makes you happy: What do you like to do when you are under stress? have a cup of coffee? Listen to music? Or go for a walk somewhere. Find a path that frees your mind, brings you peace. Before you turn 30, check which one is right for you. The way of life really is to walk alone. So, knowing this will help you decide to live well in your alone time.

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Stop Apologizing: Stop underestimating yourself for others. Yes, you have to apologize for the mistake. But the extra ‘sorry’ is harmful to your personality. If you make a mistake, try to correct it immediately. Learn and repeat. Don’t say ‘sorry’ and avoid liability.

love yourself: You think we love ourselves. But you know, we care the most. Everyone says that looking slim is good. Being sick from dieting, taking the wrong diet to be slim even after not following a healthy diet. It should look beautiful in the party. Without knowing how to enhance the beauty of the skin, they keep using different types of chemicals. drink plenty of water. But drink cold drinks! If we pay attention to the kind of oppression we are subjected to, we will be horrified. So take the time to start loving yourself.

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