Are you going to be a mother for the first time? Did you know that the chances of miscarriage or stillbirth are highest in the first pregnancy? Apart from physical complications, this is mostly due to inexperience.
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Know which foods should be avoided to avoid miscarriage.

raw papaya
Avoid eating raw papaya, boiled, ripe papaya or papaya chutney in the first trimester of pregnancy. Playing papaya later may cause bleeding, although it is not a miscarriage.

Although barley has many good properties, playing barley in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.

pasteurized milk
If not eaten in a healthy way, most bacteria are spread through milk. Milk should always be boiled well. Pasteurized milk, especially during pregnancy, can cause miscarriage.

half vegetables
Just as it is necessary to eat green vegetables to keep the body healthy, in the same way eating half the vegetables can also lead to miscarriage. Especially raw vegetables like tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, green chili, lemon should be washed thoroughly before eating. Unwashed vegetables spread toxins in the body which harm the fetus.

Habits that should be learned by the age of 30

Pineapple may bring the highest risk during pregnancy. Eating pineapple chutney in the first three months increases the risk of miscarriage. There are many instances of diarrhea or allergies in pregnant women after eating pineapple.

Cheese stores fat in the body. The accumulation of fat in the uterus hinders the development of the baby. This can lead to miscarriage.

crab, shrimp
Absolutely avoid seafood from crabs, shrimp or shellfish during pregnancy. This type of food causes most allergies.

turtle meat
Although it is illegal to eat turtles, many people still eat them. But turtles can be very dangerous during pregnancy.

raw eggs
Many people eat raw eggs. If you have this habit then quit it as soon as you are pregnant. There is a possibility of danger even after playing half-boil or egg poach. Eat boiled or fried eggs.

processed meat
Eating processed meat is never good. These foods can also cause cancer. Absolutely avoid during pregnancy.

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