Even after maintaining the shape and size of the breasts, regular breast care is required. Here is how to take care of the breasts regularly:

The first step in breast identification is to get regular massage every day. Regular massage increases blood flow to the breasts and regulates the amount of fat deposits in the breasts.

  1. Every day while bathing, wash the breasts well with soft soap. Make sure that the soap foam does not remain.
  2. After washing the breasts, wipe the breasts well with a soft towel or towel. Wipe well around the breasts so that water does not stick to it.
  3. Large detached hairs can be seen around the nipples of many breasts. Never remove these hairs using a hair remover or using a razor. Instead, cut them very carefully with very small sharp scissors.
  4. Once a week with two fingers with a little pressure on the nipple to see if any fluid is coming out. In some cases, a small amount of fluid may come out. There is nothing to worry about. But if the amount of fluid excreted is too much, you must consult a family doctor.
Check your eyesight, find out how many numbers are in the picture

Many times mental turmoil or excessive anxiety can cause breast pain or any one breast pain. Usually such pain lasts only a few days. If there is such pain in the breast, keep the mind as worry free as possible. Drink more water at this time. If you have such pain, you must consult a family doctor.

What kind of bra to use:

  1. Always use a soft cotton bra made by a reputed manufacturer. Because cotton bra can absorb sweat properly.
  2. Choose the right size bra at all times. Do not use too tight or too loose bra. If you do not feel uncomfortable, you must try to loosen it a little, it will keep the blood circulation normal.
  3. When buying, make sure that the hook step etc. is not bumpy.
  4. Sweat bras get dirty very quickly, so they need to be washed once. So try to buy a bra that can be easily washed.
  5. Always wear raw non-dry bra. It is better not to wear bra used in the morning in the afternoon. Never wear wet or slightly wet bra.

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