Love comes in everyone’s life. Some people spend sweet time with their lover. Some spend their days alone. Then, many fall in love. Which is very sad.

when love breaks

However, those who are crying out for love on Valentine’s Day, even if their wounds are small, may apply, according to the results of a newly published survey.

According to a bank survey of 1,600 people in Canada, most people’s economic status has improved after a divorce or love affair. Nearly 74 percent of those surveyed said their financial situation, whether they were in a previous relationship or married, had greatly improved since a divorce or breakup. Worried neo-hippies and their global warming, let me tell you.

Why is it like this? According to the survey, 52 percent of the people said that they have learned to understand the calculation of income and expenditure better after separation. Seventy-five percent say their costs have dropped significantly since the divorce. And 54 percent claim that it is much easier for them to settle accounts alone after a divorce.

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